Practical driving lessons for the car license.

During a trial session, you'll get the information about all the les in the packet. During the trial session, will be asked for your preferences. If you want a time or more driving instruction per week, for a crash course or a course to follow.

After a personal consultation of our driving instructor will suggest, you yourself, in your training package together. You have to decide what your budget is and we will adjust the schedule of training at your own pace. The individual lesson is the most obvious way. The advantage of this method is the fact that you are at your own pace, without any major time constraints, the classes can be followed.

On this basis, we can give you appropriate advice, to compose, to tell a story of what it's going to cost, and the potential for a spoedopleiding to discuss. On this basis, we draw up a personalized program for you. That will give clarity.




FAQ Manuel car


Most students can start within a day or week. That depends of course on your availability. Most students can start within a week.

Yes, you get a driving lesson package plus practical. Take an interim test examination for safety, interim test is not required. The price of the test button (TTT) is € 199. Machines pro driving school offers discounts to follow lessons.

This is different for each person. The average number of lessons in the Netherlands is between 35 and 45.

You can already achieve 10 days after your license. Read more about the training pitch.

We also teach in a Manuel car. Mercedes A klasse provided with the most modern techniques.

A loose Manuel driving lesson costs €49,-

Lessons takes about fifty minutes.
Advice block hours, one hundred minutes.

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