Automatic drive

Intake lesson!

It is our driving school is possible to make an appointment (online) for a completely free trial lesson for automatic or manual car. This allows you a casual introduction to the principles of driving with your driving instructor.

You can choose to start classes to follow in a automatic and thus learn the skills first, and use this as a convenient stepping stone to driving a car circuit. So you can save on your driving course.

The trial lesson!

Before we begin the lesson we first go to a quiet place. Then we start the lesson by viewing what is for you a good seat / steering attitude and how you can best mirrors. Then we begin the technical part of the drive, such as: safe starting and stopping, steering and shifting.

The possibilities!

After the lesson we will discuss the possibilities with regard to your driver training. We discuss include curriculum which best suits you, how often you want and classes and how are passing the theory works. If you wish to be viewed or accelerated driving course among your options.



FAQ questions about automatic car lessons

Most students can start within a day or week. That depends of course on your availability. Most students can start within a week.

Yes, you get a driving lesson package plus practical. Take an interim test examination for safety, interim test is not required. The price of the test button (TTT) is € 199. Machines pro driving school offers discounts to follow lessons.

This is different for each person. The average number of lessons in the Netherlands is between 35 and 45.

You can already achieve 10 days after your license. Read more about the training pitch.

We also provide automatic lessons. Toyota Yaris Hybrid provided with the most modern techniques.

A individual automatic driving lesson costs €55, -

Lessons takes about fifty minutes.
Advice block hours, one hundred minutes.

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