Do you urgently need your driver's license?

Booking a CBR exam in the short term is possible.


Are you looking for a good driving instructor where you relax and still quickly get your driver's license?

If you want to start driving lessons quickly, please give a call or order one of our deals and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course, the first driving lesson is exciting, but through trial lesson, we put you at ease and we will work together on the driving skills, so that you can quickly only go on the road Ask for an information without obligation and discover our sharp price! You can contact us: manuel and automatic car, E behind B license and Truck license  and theory soon.

Best selling package

With this deal you have 20 automatic driving lessons plus exam. An ideal start to get your driver's license. See downstairs photo driving school compare. action deal is for novice students. The first lesson is a test lesson. The lessons must be followed together. The practical exam is only valid for a full course at automatic driving school pro fast. Your instructor determines when you're ready for the practical exam.

It stays cheap until your practical exam. If you want to get your driver's license in a fast, fine way, you are at the right place when driving school automaat. You drive an environmentally friendly Toyota Yaris, Mercedes A class, VW Golf 7 & smoke free car. How your driving training will work out that is possible to determine yourself when training automaat drive school pro. For more questions, check out more information here or give us a call. No waiting times start right away.

Type of pupils: the number of driving lessons. Starter average student little or no driving experience averages 35 to 45 driving lessons. Advanced smooth pupil previously had driving lessons on average 25 to 30 driving lessons. Experienced wonder student previously took driving exam, or foreign driving/refresher training on average 10 driving lessons. Repechage within 15 days. Reexam. We start with an intake. The instructor makes with you an estimate of the number of driving lessons you need, test lesson.

Most sold driving lesson package

30 Automatic lesson
20 Automatic lesson
29 Manuel lesson
19 Manuel lesson

What's being said about us

Beveel deze school aan iedereen aan!

Recommend this school to everyone! Both manual and automatic transmission possible, flexible lessons schedule, super professional teacher who speaks English and Dutch, and I got my licence really quick and passed in 1x!

Top Rijschool

Fijne lessen, die duidelijk waren en streng genoeg, ik dacht meer lessen te krijgen, goed ingeschat 17 rijlessen gezegd en gedaan ook. Ben ook 17 jaar top rijschool heel erg bedankt ME.

Beste rijschool

Erg goede rij-instructeur, altijd duidelijke en rustige uitleg. Ik heb hierdoor ook snel mijn rijbewijs weten te halen. Dus helemaal top!




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