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For Practical exam

And there you have it, you may participate in the driving test! Many students do not know what to expect on a driving test. Where should you look? What can you do to feel at ease? We will give some tips to pass the driving test.

It is important that you have had enough lessons. You should not look up to your exam, it should just be a formality. So you can confidently do your exam.

Try to relax the night before your exam. Sit back watch a movie, work out or do anything else that relaxes you. Also Get enough sleep and go to bed. When you are well rested you'll be able to concentrate better during the exam.


Everyone experiences making different tests, so do not let crazy. Experiences of others can make going to make you extra worries. This is however no need to.

Go especially not drive such as family or friends tell you that you need to drive. It's best to just drive like you have done during your lessons. Your instructor will teach you exactly as heard officially.

Nobody can ride a clear round, that's just impossible. Your driving instructor will not let you do anything for examination. This means that your level is high enough.

When you make a mistake do not right that you're sunk. Correct yourself. This is an examiner often more important than the error itself.

You need to adjust your speed to the conditions. You must not drive too fast but you do not look continuously at the counter to whether you 28 km / h driving. The examiner finds it more important how you rate adjusts to (dangerous) situations.

You have to stand behind the decisions you make and dare to ride. Because you show initiative you show that you can actively participate in traffic. Thus a small mistake quickly forgiven by the examiner.

You might be thinking that this is a myth. But eating a banana for your driving test really helps! Bananas contain substances that are beneficial to your alertness, concentration and motivation.

Think to yourself, the examiner also just human. He or she is not let out to your bags and treat you like any other.

The average number of hours for the driving license is approximately 39 (according to CBR-study among examinees 2019). The number of lessons that you need is for everyone else. Not everyone learns the same speed. Let the instructor why you driving school lessons estimate how much you need. Who can do this best from experience.

You can discuss best with instructor driving school when you can do your driving test. Who knows when you're ready to pass your exam and how many lessons you will need. He can explain what you need to know and be able to safely and independently to drive.

Failed your driving test? Can happen! You can arrange a resit driving school for you. That may be sooner than two weeks later. Then you need at least to prepare for the next exam.

A driving lesson package, individual lessons, or a combination thereof. When driving schools everything is possible. And the differences are quite large. It pays to compare all well before choosing a driving school.

Namely a curriculum does not guarantee that no additional classes are needed. On average you have about 39 hours of lessons required (according to CBR survey of examinees in 2019) to get the license, more so than most lessons packages that are offered.

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