How many lessons a person needs, there is individual. During a lesson we can estimate how many lessons you will need about. An average pupil needs about 35 to 45 lessons.

The lesson is FREE when you decide to take us a curriculum. Otherwise it costs one-time € 40, -

Monday / Friday from 08:00 to 18:00, weekends from 10:00 t / m 16:00. On request it is possible to get lessons evening hours.

Sins 1 November 2011 2Todrive started. You must be at least 16.5 years old. You may do your practical exam from 17th. look for more information on www.2todrive.nl or contact us.

A package is always cheaper. So you can toward your work to practical ones do you know where you stand. Do not know exactly which package suits you? Based on a free trial lesson we can advise you which package best suits you.

Most students choose to link 29 lessons and the automatic 20 curriculum. Switch package contains 29 lessons + exam and automatic package contains 20 lessons + exam. However, you can also opt for an alternative package or a pair. When in doubt, we recommend that you purchase a lesson and to discuss with the instructor which package best suits you.

This certainly can! We want you to watch what you want to pay your driver training and in how many installments. Your first deposit you can pay via welwinkel.

You can automatic car driving school pro do all driving test in 14 days with our crash course. But you may also just take longer, and within six months of passing your driving test.

A personal statement is a form with questions about your physical and mental condition. Anyone who wants to take a driving test must have completed a 'self-declaration'. It is very important that you always ask the honest answer. The CBR will of our current account debit their costs.

If you fail, you get a pro driving school Auto Off retake. If you fail, you indeed need extra lessons to work to the improvement which has observed the examiner. See our shop some lessons retake.

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