Starting from 16.5 years with lessons! 2to Drive from March 15 final law. have many young people prematurely removed their licenses since the start of 2toDrive. The opportunity for 17-year-olds for the license to pick and to do under the guidance of a coach driving experience is finally implemented from March 15th.

2todrive is an experiment in which you receive under the guidance of a coach ride. Youth and novice drivers are more involved driving experience by less than experienced drivers with accidents. 2toDrive ensures that you can gain over an extended period under relatively safe conditions driving experience. By 2toDrive you can start earlier lessons, namely from 16.5 years. have become to you 17 from the day can take your driving test. Did you graduate? Then you can until your 18th birthday on the road guided by you yourself chosen coach (es).


Are you in possession of a license, but you have not in a while behind the wheel? Then Driving School driving speed has Auto Driving courses to bring practical knowledge (understanding traffic) quickly back on track. Many underestimate driving into thinking that driving after an hour back on track. Remember that getting busier on the road, causing the driver to act quickly. After a few lessons, the practical knowledge so back to normal.

Tussentijdse toets.

The interim test provides an excellent opportunity to see how, in the eyes of an examiner stands. You hear afterwards which points are already at levels where you have to continue to work on these lessons. A major advantage of the interim test is an once in a lifetime how things in your real driving test will go on. For many candidates this takes a lot of the nerves away, so there is better on the driving test. With training we will prepare for all operations CBR you can. Once you have all of these mastered, can you feel confident in your real driving test.


The performance anxiety test lasts 80 minutes instead of the usual 55, and is collected by a special for the fear of failure examination skilled examiner. An important difference from an ordinary driving test is that you have one or more timeouts may ask during the exam anxiety. So you can get back here to relax when you're very nervous. You can examiner during the examination anxiety also impose a time-out if he thinks it is necessary. The exam anxiety is also not easier than the DMV driving test, you must meet the same standards as everyone else.


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